What’s your Natural Therapy?

I have spent over four decades in this industry and have come across many products and the people who abide by them. In some cases a person simply uses what they have available at the time, others have say a certain shampoo, followed by a certain conditioner that they must use. I myself do not have a set regiment (presumably because of the field of work I’m in) but can attest to some key facts of my beauty regiments. I for one have always been more partial to liquid soap over soap in bar form, partially due to the calcium deposits left behind in the tub. However that did not stop me from formulating one of the first clear cleansing soap bars on the market (Puressa).

I have always been intrigued by people’s use of body and skin care products and how they come to decide on their particular body and skincare regiment. It is a discussion I constantly had with my customers while I ran my own body and skin care health shop and I long for such interesting insight once again.

Which product is must in your arsenal? Which product do you like to pair with your favourite Natural Therapy product?

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