Our extensive research and scientific knowledge leads us to use only the very best ingredients in each and every one of our products. Where possible we use naturally derived ingredients, utilising the amazing gifts cleverly provided by Mother Nature. All other ingredients are safe, mild and gentle, providing further nourishment, hydration and protection.

By using ingredients our products provide your skin and hair with a unique and effective formula that delivers impressive results.

Our products are free from unnecessary harsh chemicals and parabens but are packed with mild and natural ingredients that offer all you need to enjoy fabulous skin and hair.





Our lead scientist, in charge of the creation, research and development of all Natural Therapy products has worked within the beauty and cosmetics research and development sector for his entire professional career, often providing guidance and expertise to some of the world’s leading cosmetic manufacturers.

His knowledge and exposure to so many different brands and types of products resulted in a desire to create something new and innovative. He was passionate about going back to basics and developing a product range that offered natural benefits for skin and hair, maximising on the many wonderful naturally derived ingredients available.

The passion of our lead scientist and his team to produce a gentle yet effective range of products, using extensive worldwide research, led to the scientific breakthrough of Natural Therapy. This amazing range of skin and hair care products has converted customers from High Street and salon brands for over 25 years. Natural Therapy continues to develop new and exciting products, enhancing and complimenting the existing product range, using only the very best ingredients.