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  • Brightening Tumeric & Neem Leaf Face Wash

    Centuries old Turmeric naturally contains chemoprotective agents that protects skin from damaging free radicals and acts to curb oily secretions from glands. Neem contains powerful anti-fungal/bacterial goodness, further leaving skin, lighter, brighter, softer and more supple.
  • Gentle Matcha Tea & Lemon Peel Face Wash

    Naturally packed with a polyphenol called catechins, Matcha Tea helps deactivate the skin’s free radicals and acts ever so gently on the face. Lemon peel removes dead skin and stimulates new skin growth. They combine to brighten, tone and enhance … Read More
  • Hydrating Coconut & Cactus Face Wash

    Cactus’s naturally occuring phytochemicals and potent antioxidants protect against premature ageing. With the amazing moisturising skills of Coconut, this combination acts to hydrate, cleanse and tone.